BIOTECH CENTER is the exclusive representative of ECOSYNERGIE Group in Romania.

This group, working for a long time within the frame of the environmental protection, has developed natural proceedings for preventing and treating pollutions.

All the achievements are the fruit of an intense collaboration with scientists from diverse domains (biologists, hydrology specialists, ecotoxicologists, medical experts,).


    Our proceedings and products are based on the use of natural micro-organisms and enzymes completely not dangerous for human, flora and fauna, according to EU security standards and references.


    These micro-organisms themselves are also the artisans of our septic tanks, of the waste water treatment plants or they are those micro-organisms responsible for the well known fermentation phenomena (those of cheese, alcohol,).


    Every pollution of organic origin (hydrocarbons, fats, cyanides, lakes sludge...) finds its counterpart within the environment, which is to mean the micro-organisms (bacteria, algae, fungi...) capable of degrading them.
Nowadays problem is that we throw away in the environment more than nature can assimilate, and thus we have to degrade more and more complex molecules.


    Leaving from this simple statement of fact, we selection from nature, stock-sources of micro-organisms according to the specific pollution to be treated. Then we cultivate them, we concentrate and associate them with nesting mineral supports, nutriments, vitamins, oligo-elements.... Thus, these micro-organisms are more performant, more resistant, they multiply themselves more rapidly and we can make cohabit several types of micro-organisms, without their mutual interference, fact which permits the treating of a large spectre of pollutants within the same site. The micro-organisms feed themselves on the pollution which is then transformed in simple molecules, perfectly assimilable by the environment. Their populations self-regulate depending on the quantity of pollution to be degraded (curative action) and depending on the brought pollution (preventive action).


    So, we call these BIOTECHNOLOGIES. The finished product (powder having a granulometry according to each case) has to be spread directly in the site to be treated.


WE have specific tasks and obligations:

                                             Assuring a quality of water and soil according to the most severe environmental regulations

                                             Protecting the environment, as responsible company

   Observing our engagements

                                             Observing the quality of our services

   Observing the protection of the professional information having a confidential character.


    Water and soil are more and more threatened. We are aware of our specific role and responsibility within the frame of the environmental protection. We want to assure the long term preserving of these resources, by treating them in a responsible way.